Elenco immobili

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Palma de Mallorca, Av.da Joan Miro 145

Commercial — Available

The real estate unit that we offer for rent for the commercial and tertiary sector, is located in the new Veroniki Real Estate Building, located in front of the marina, and is accessible from the Paseo Marittimo and Juan Mirò. The proximity to Palma de Mallorca airport offers easy access from the mainland. The Veroniki Real Estate Building is sustainable because it was conceived with some measures that allow energy containment compared to traditional buildings. Such as ventilated terracotta facades, heat-reflective insulation, thermal break windows with low-emissivity glass, brise-soleil shading system that reduces irradiation, domestic hot water produced by solar panels with storage, heating by pump heat, programmable thermostats. The property has an area of 320.00 square meters.