Our philosophy

Our philosophy: to give value to the world around us

Remaining faithful to Holding’s philosophy, the Real Estate sector has also invested in the last few in the name of sustainability.


The acquisitions of a series of new apartments within the nòvAmpère real estate complex located in Milan in Via Ampère 56 are recent.

nòvAmpère, immersed in the greenery of the heart of Città Studi, brings a new architectural, construction, and housing quality to Città Studi. nòvAmpère is a construction aimed at the future. Thanks to smart technologies such as home automation, the heating system, geothermal cooling, photovoltaic panels, and the “smog-eating” facade, it guarantees maximum comfort, avoiding waste, and respecting the environment. A new way of living the home.

Veroniki Real Estate Building

Also in Spain, in Palma de Mallorca, Veroniki Holding has built the Veroniki Real Estate Building, a sustainable building conceived with measures capable of containing significant energy savings. The building has ventilated terracotta facades, heat-reflective insulation, thermal break windows with low-emissivity glass, a brise-soleil shading system that reduces irradiation, domestic hot water produced by solar panels with storage, heating using a heat pump, and programmable thermostats.

Redevelopment of existing buildings

Thanks to targeted actions that make buildings more sustainable, the philosophy of sustainability is also applied by Veroniki Real Estate to existing properties.


In the company portfolio, there are opportunities for all types of customers: both residential and commercial, also offering both building and agricultural land.

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